Thorin Cupit - Writer, Director, Producer

Thorin is a professional script writer, actor, director and now producer. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from Flinders University which included a full year of film making, and over 35 years experience performing for stage and screen. He is the creative mind behind this project as well as the producer, director and many of the production roles.


 Paul Swanson - Production Assistant, Sound Recordist

Paul “Crystal ears” Swanson is joint owner of Pyjama Ideas, and comes to our team as production assistant and head of light and sound. He has studied at the Adelaide Conservatorium in Music (Jazz). He is responsible for weekly podcasts; recording, mixing, editing, and all other Post-production. His experience and reputation for demanding quality from sound and vision will ensure quality control.


 Rodney Twelftree - Cinematographer, Editor

Rodney has been creating independent films since 2001, creating several short and long-form video features, including “Schoolyard Justice”. He is owner of Fernby films, and produces regular blog reviews for both international and Australian cinema. Additionally, Rodney has appeared in a number of theatre shows, such as "Wyrd Sisters" and “As you like it”. He comes to the project as our Cinematographer and video editor.


Verity Colyer - Head of VFX

Verity Colyer helps us to dream in technicolour. She has been a hobby filmmaker since high school and has found enormous joy in creating short movies as gifts for her friends and family. When she joined us, she worked as a production runner for the Seven Network and the BBC and is also a freelance editor, expanding her skills in post-production and Visual Effects by studying the Advanced Diploma of Media at AC Arts. She has recently landed the role of Composit Coordinator at Rising Sun Pictures, working on projects like Marvel Movies. As visual effects Supervisor it is her role to introduce the possibilities for making our show more than a simple in-camera movie. She brings with her a team of trained industry specialists in compositing, animation, 3D modelling, Graphic Arts and a suite of skills and passions.


Peter Rogers - Gaffer

Peter is a jack-of- all trades from stage management to rigging, but has a passion for atmosphere through lighting. Owning and managing a lighting company before moving overseas for a stint, Peter has worked on numerous projects creating exciting and artistic lighting concepts. With a qualification in technical production, he uses his skills to guide an audience’s emotions. He loves working on projects that put him out of his comfort zone as it requires the use of new ideas and concepts. He believes that all is possible, it just requires a little time and thought to go into it. Peter is responsible for our Lighting plan and execution on location. 


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