Nick Buckland

Nick is an actor from England. He has appeared in over thirty stage productions in playing characters as diverse as Tin Man in The "Wizard Of Oz", Sweeney Todd in "The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" and Petruchio in "Taming of the Shrew". Since arriving in Australia eight years ago, he has continued to expand his experience on the stage as George Roper (of George and Mildred) and, most recently, Doctor Miranda in "Death And The Maiden" and Colonel Barrington in "Ross, The Lives Of Lawrence Of Arabia". At the same time, Nick has been busy accumulating a list of television credits including roles in "The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke", "Deadline Gallipoli" and "Changed Forever" and film roles including, most recently, "Hand Grenade" and "Friendship, Love and Loyalty". This role sees Nick taking a long awaited journey into space, but, hopefully, not the final frontier! Nick is our Captain, Andrew Harrow. He has amazing presence and a commanding attitude that allows you to believe he could lead this crew with authority.


Mark Healy

Mark is a well established film actor with many roles in feature films such as "Deadline Gallipoli" and shorts such as  "Bogans Vs Time Travel" with Film Australis. He is currently working on a feature film "Psychosis" with Kessel Run Productions. Mark also has a reputation as a theatre actor, where he has played in "Death of a Salesman", "When the Rain Stops Falling", "Fortune" and "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?". Mark is our Navigator, Ian O’Connell, and gives us a delightful character who sees himself as a rocket-jock while appearing to everyone else as slightly gangly maths nerd.


Carol Lawton

Carol brings a National Diploma in Performing Arts from the UK, and has appeared in many productions including "Me and My Girl", "Blackrock", "Death of a Salesman", "Oscar and Felix" and "Wolf Creek", the TV series. She has plenty of experience in Short Films and is currently working on "Them" for War on Convention Films. Carol plays our two 420-D Artificials; Nigel and Arti. A performance which is hauntingly creepy and sympathetic to the last.


Cassie McInnes

Cassie McInnes is a regular star on screen with a string of advertisements and minor films under her belt, such as “If It Bleeds, It Leads”, and “A Little Psycho”. Cassie is our Cargomaster, Paula Warren; smart mouthed and cocky, but in way over her head.

David John Clark  

David John Clark

David is an Adelaide based actor who trained with Actor's Ink and AAA Talent (Adelaide) and is currently under the mentorship of Greg Apps (Casting Director Sydney). He is a stalwart of the Dystopian and Sci-Fi genre, starring in short films like "Frequency", "What Remains" and "Super Nova" as a drunk, turkey-alien hybrid, and even a extra in "Clone Wars". He has also appeared in the Sci-Fi series "Tomekeepers". David is a serving Police officer and brings 24 years of Police experience from around Australia and the world to his characters. He is also a competitive bodybuilder and has competed in several Australian state championships. David provides us our Chief of Security, drawing on his own experience to give realism to his role.


Tahnee Cupit

Tahnee Cupit is a new face to film, but not to performance. She has performed twice at the Festival centre and has already built a reputation as a stage actor and singer. Tahnee is our young Technician, Ravi Van, and owns the role despite her size and age. 

Bradley Martin

Bradley has a history of producing his amateur short films, such as “Bad Connection”. While he is acting as an advisor on Pre-production, he also has a cameo as our surviving Patrol officer.

Corrie Minns

Corrie is no stranger to stage or screen, having had roles in "McClouds Daughters" and "Twin Rivers", as well as many stage shows. She brings her vocal skills to the role of the Antaries computer.







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