This started as a discussion about Sci-Fi horrors; how so much of the tension comes from you, as the audience, knowing more about the danger the characters are in than they do. Also, that the most effective horror movies are ones where you never get to see the monster clearly, and your mind runs rampant. From this came the idea of a story in which you never see the monster, because if you did, it was already too late.


Thorin Cupit wrote a script, just as a fun exercise and showed it to a few people. They got excited and the more it was talked about, the more people became passionate about making this story a reality. People from a variety of backgrounds and professions have donated time, energy and resources to the project because they have bought the vision of what this movie could be. the entire project budget is currently under AU$2,000.


We want you to be a part of the vision as well, and a part of our community who can see the Antaries Project leap from the page to the screen. There will soon be opportunity to support us through an Indegogo campaign, but for now, just tell all of your friends, share the trailer and find us on Face book.

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