The Antaries movie is a 45 minute Sci-Fi Horror set on a small freighter, called Antaries, working the run to Engate Station at the Evoca colony. They receive an automated distress beacon from a patrol ship and are diverted to help. Almost immediately they realise something is terribly wrong; renegade robots, missing crew, and an infected survivor. Rather than take any risks the Antaries crew immediately take drastic action to separate themselves from the alien creature that killed all on the Patrol ship.


Unlike most stories of this kind the crew are well versed in the dangers and how to avoid them. Despite all their efforts the crew are picked off one by one and paranoia and distrust are running wild. In the end the survivors exhaust all options and are forced to risk everything on a blind guess. The audience is left to decide for themselves if the plan works, or what they would have tried in the same situation.

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